Tuesday, August 30, 2011

School's Out!

“School’s out, school’s out, teacher let the monkeys out!”

Yeah, I know, Labor Day is in a few days and the vast majority of students either have gone back or are getting ready to go back.  But, I just completed my last final for summer quarter and have three weeks before nursing school starts!  (Yep, I got in a year early!  Yea me!)

I way I see it, this is perfect.  I spent the majority of the summer season in my air conditioned car, house, job, or classroom.  Now I get three weeks to veg and prepare for fall while the weather is fabulous.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a list-maker; I always have a list either on paper or in my head.  This is my list for the next three weeks.

1)      If possible, work extra hours to pad my savings account.
2)      Finish one of two books I have been working on.  I’ve been reading St. Augustine’s Confessions and The Hidden Manna by Fr. James T. O’Connor.  Confessions is really interesting, but The Hidden Manna is on my Nook and that makes it more fun and more discreet to read.
3)      Thoroughly wash my car, inside and out.  I do a pretty good job of keeping my car clean, but I intend to scrub off every bug that met an untimely fate on my front bumper and wax it.
4)      Catch up and get ahead on EMT CEU’s.  In my state we have the option to renew our EMT certification by completing a certain number of continuing education credits in a three year period.  My current certification won’t expire until April of 2014, but considering most of that time will be in nursing school, I’m planning on doing as many as I can whenever I can.  Thankfully my county has access to a website with free (!!!) CEU’s.
5)      Adjust the blog.  Not a complete overhaul, but I want to change the layout and add a few pictures.
6)      If possible, try to write articles for the blog ahead of time, so it isn’t neglected for 11 weeks at a time.  I have a few ideas bouncing around; I just need to get them on the computer!
7)      Buy books and read ahead for fall quarter.  I’m not liking that idea right now, but I know in a week and a half or so I’ll be ready to dive in.

Have a fabulous Labor Day weekend!  God Bless!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Seizures and Popsicles

At the nursing home I work at, we have a few residents who are, to put it mildly, a few fruit loops short of a full box.  They don’t have Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, but their perception of reality is not always correct.

Recently, one of my coworkers was caring for a resident when another resident came up to him in a panic, telling him that Ms. Hypo was having a seizure and on the phone with 911.  The aide ran down to the resident’s room and saw Ms. Hypo lying in her bed and talking to the 911 operator.  My coworker grabbed the phone, and after letting the operator know that Ms. Hypo was fine and not having a seizure, hung up the phone.  He then had this conversation with the resident:

Aide: “What’s wrong?”

Ms. Hypo (in a panic): “I’m having a seizure!  I don’t want the nurse because no one out there (pointing out into the hall) will take care of it because all of you are crazy!”

Aide: “Well, just relax for a minute and I’ll go get the nurse.”

Ms. Hypo: “OK.  By the way, can you get me a popsicle?”

There you have it, someone in a seizure who not only can make some sense when talking, but can eat!  It’s a miracle!